Gubernatorial Debate in Cass County
Gubernatorial debate participants Michael Connely, Theresa Thibodeau, Breland Ridenour, and Brett Lindstrom.

Gubernatorial Debate in Cass County

On Saturday, Nov. 13, the Cass County GOP held a gubernatorial debate at the Cass County Fairgrounds in Weeping Water, though not every candidate showed up. Participating in the debate were Brett LindstromTheresa ThibodeauBreland Ridenour, and Michael Connely. Charles Herbster and Jim Pillen were conspicuously absent. Attendees were able to hear from the four candidates on issues such as education (specifically critical race theory), coronavirus overreach, illegal immigration,, broadband infrastructure and China, medical marijuana, voter ID, and the “heartbeat bill.” Thibodeau is a newcomer to the race, having previously been the Lt. Gov. pick for Herbster, but showing up for the debate on fairly short notice showed me she’s serious about running.

State Senator Lindstrom seemed to have the most (or at the most vocal) supporters in the crowd, though Connely and Ridenour also had a few fans, including Allie French from NAGO, who worked the crowd afterward. Lindstrom and Thibodeau were eager to leave quickly afterward to attend a dinner with Joni Ernst up in Omaha, while Michael Connely and Ridenour stayed afterward to meet and greet attendees.

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