The Mind Polluters
Attendees gathering for a showing of "The Mind Polluters" in the basement of the Judah Kingdom Center in North Omaha.

The Mind Polluters

On Sunday evening, the Judah Kingdom Center in North Omaha screened a documentary film called “Mind Polluters,” which dealt with sex education curricula in public schools. The event was hosted by Mark Bonkiewicz from Nebraskans for Founders Values, who also happened to be one of the guests in the film itself.

Half the attendees in the crowd were black, including Pastor James Patterson, who I’d seen at the Back the Blue rally in Memorial Park in 2020. One woman who ran a local daycare said that she wanted to see more “people of color” involved in issues such as this. “It’s not a Democrat issue or Republican issue,” she said, “it’s about our kids.”

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