Freedom Rally on the Capitol Steps
Members of Nebraskans Against Government Overreach rally the crowd on the steps of the Nebraska State Capitol.

Freedom Rally on the Capitol Steps

The north side of the Capitol.

Anywhere from 500 to a thousand Nebraskans took to the steps of the state capitol on Saturday afternoon, protesting vaccine mandates, mask mandates, and government overreach in what one speaker described as a “spiritual battle.”

The event was one of several “Freedom Rallies” on the capitol steps, organized by local activist Tim Davis since the 2020 election — though the rally on Sept. 18 was by far the largest. There were multiple speakers over the two-hour rally, including Elina Newman, an Armenian immigrant and candidate for Lincoln City Council.

One goal of the rally was to call for Governor Ricketts to convene a special session to end mask and vaccine mandates in the state, a call followed up by Nebraska State Senator Steve Erdman. Attendees could also hear the honks and cheers of cars driving by the capitol throughout the event. Such rallies in the past have also attracted counter-protestors, though none appeared this time.