Getting Schooled at Prager University
Radio host and founder of PragerU, Dennis Prager.

Getting Schooled at Prager University

On Thursday morning, local talk radio station 1420 AM The Answer held a special event with radio talk show host and namesake of “Prager University” Dennis Prager. The event was held at the Hotel RL on 72nd street and was part of a 100 Days of Trump speaking tour. A handful of conservative listeners got to attend and have breakfast with hosts Chip MaxwellIan Swanson, and Clint Bellows before Prager took the stage.

Prager gave a brief talk touching on the political climate, his rationale for supporting Donald Trump, and also a bit of religion and ethics. Then he took some questions from the audience. One guest asked for his take on the situation at Evergreen College, where a mob of students held the president hostage and demanded all white faculty leave campus, particularly in light of Prager’s upcoming movie with Adam Carolla, “No Safe Spaces.” Prager’s take was that college presidents were as much (if not more) to blame for the situation than the students — and that it would end “in a nanosecond” is the students were expelled rather than coddled.

Other guests included “Mason the button boy Halliburton,” who has collected a number of autographs, photos, and memorabilia from various Republican candidates (including President Trump) and was apparently already well-known to the team at AM 1420.

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