Don Bacon kicks off 2024 campaign
Congressman Don Bacon speaks to guests at the kickoff event for his 2024 campaign.

Don Bacon kicks off 2024 campaign

Congressman Don Bacon kicked off his campaign for Congress on Saturday night, seeking a fifth term to represent Nebraska 2nd district in Washington DC. The event drew a couple hundreds guests to the Omaha Fire Union Hall at 60th and Grover, including Gov. Jim Pillen, Congressman Mike Flood (NE-01), and former Nebraska great Johnny Rogers, who spent time afterward getting photos with guests doing the “Heisman pose.”

Don Bacon is widely seen as a moderate who votes with Democrats on various issues including the Biden infrastructure plan, legalizing same-sex marriage, and voting to create the commission to investigate the protests on January 6th. “You at all the clicks, you look at all the social media, you look at all the cable news, but hat’s not what this country needs today. We have serious issues that we can not ignore or avoid,” Bacon said during his kickoff speech. “We’ve got too many folks to try to incite, versus elevate the discussion.”

Bacon is currently unopposed in the Republican primary, and his challenger from the 2022 campaign, Steve Kuehl, was in the audience at his kickoff for 2024, as was Tom Ashford, the son of Democrat Brad Ashford, who Bacon defeated in 2016.

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