Worldwide Demonstration in Omaha
Over 50 protestors lined the street at 168th and West Dodge.

Worldwide Demonstration in Omaha

On Saturday afternoon, more than 50 people lined 168th street in Omaha by the West Dodge exit to protest against lockdowns and mask mandates. The protest was part of a worldwide movement that uses the hashtag #wewillALLbethere online to organize and seems to be have originated in Germany (on this website), with many users sharing photos and videos of other protests online.

The local protest was organized by Allie French of Nebraskans Against Government Overreach and included families and children. The location of the protest was also within feet of Senator Ben Sasse’s office, who has been a vocal anti-Trump critic for the past several years. One sign in particular read, “Traitor Sasse must go.”

The organization is promising similar protests in the future.

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