Line of Storms Postpone Trump Rally in Greenwood
Charles W. Herbster addresses the crowd atop his parade float at his postponed rally on Friday.

Line of Storms Postpone Trump Rally in Greenwood

A rally with President Trump and gubernatorial candidates Charles Herbster was postponed around 3 PM on Friday, just as the doors were officially supposed to open for the event. A line of sever storms was predicted to roll through the area just as the 45th President was scheduled to take the stage, bringing with them the possibility of hail and even some tornadoes late Friday night.

Between 1000-1500 people had already arrived for the event, some as early at 9 AM to line up and see the former President speak. The grounds of the I-80 Speedway had the feeling of a large tailgate party, with vendors selling various Pro-Trump (and Anti-Biden) T-shirts and flags along the route to the entryway, as well as Twitter influencers like the “BeardVet,” serving coffee and hamburgers to passersby.

Herbster made the announcement atop his parade float around 3:15 PM, thanking the crowd for coming but announcing for the crowd’s safety, the rally would be postponed until Monday. Guest speakers for the event, including David Bossie of Citizens United and Matt Schlapp of CPAC, had already arrived and stayed to meet and greet a few guests as attendees began to leave. Herbster also stayed to talk with the media and also get photos with a few guests, including Trump cosplayer Steve Rhodes, who had earlier been leading guests waiting in line with chants of “USA, USA.”

The rally has been postponed until Sunday, May 1, at 5PM.