Steamy protest at Children’s Hospital
Protesters lined the street of Dodge Friday evening from 4-7 PM.

Steamy protest at Children’s Hospital

Protesters lined the street along Dodge Street where the temperature was around 95°F.

Over 100 protesters braved temperatures in the upper nineties to line Dodge Street in front of Children’s Hospital, protesting its participation in providing “gender affirming care” to minor children. The rally was organized by Dave Klasna, who founded a Christian group named “Prayer for America,” but the word of the rally traveled to several other churches and groups online. The attendees were a diverse crowd, and many brought children along with them. Other participants including legislature candidate Julie Fredrickson, Milliard School Board candidate Sean Swanson, and volunteers for gubernatorial candidate Dave Wright.

The news of the hospital’s participation in “gender affirming care” was initially reported by the Twitter account LibsOfTikTok in mid-June. Hundreds of passing cars honked in approval as they passed with drivers’ giving protestors thumbs up (with others shouting obscenities and giving middle fingers of disapproval). At least one employee at Children’s Hospital passed by and commented, “I more than agree, but I can’t protest.”

The protest also attracted the attention of the Christian YouTube channel Name the Unknown, whose hosts interviewed people on-site, including a handful of counter-protesters across the street. One interviewee was a man who has de-transitioned from his life as a “trans woman.” You can watch that interview and others via YouTube below.

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