Last round for the Yang Gang
Businessman Andrew Yang speaks at Abraham Lincoln Middle School in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Last round for the Yang Gang

On January 27, 2020, businessman Andrew Yang, made one last stop to Council Bluffs to make his case for President. He held a rally with around 300 at Abraham Lincoln High School and was introduced by a few local Democrats and then his wife Evelyn before taking the stage.

The crowd was very friendly and happened to include Alex Wagner from Showtime’s The Circus. As before, the focus of Yang’s stump speech was on helping workers displaced via AI technology through his “freedom divided,” and I found his keen focus on the economy to be what set him apart from his more socialist-leaning competitors. He took a few questions afterward, including one from a woman whose sister died of an drug overdose (who Yang also called up front so he could give her a hug). He stuck around afterward for a quick series selfies with everyone who came (including me, of course), and I had the chance to thank him for appearing on the Ben Shapiro show — and that both sides need to listen to one another.

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