Grassroots Training with Scott Presler
Scott Presler talks to attendees at the Cross Training Center in Omaha.

Grassroots Training with Scott Presler

On a hot and steamy Sunday afternoon, around 60 patriots came for some grassroots training with Internet personality and Trump supporter Scott Presler. The event was held at the Cross Training Center on north 72nd street. I’d met Scott before at a “pep rally” during the 2020 election, and it was interesting to see him back in a more educational role — giving a 90-minute presentation on voter registration, running for office, and get-out-the-vote efforts, among other things. He also spent most of the presentation off the stage and walking the room, and this even included some audience participation, roleplaying getting a stranger registered to vote.

It was an event held jointly by the Nebraska Freedom Coalition, Freedom Rally USA, and Nebraska Against Government Overreach, a trifecta of what I call the “populist upstarts” on the right, focused more intently on public demonstrations and online activism than “establishment” conservatives. Of course, there was also time to get selfies with Scott afterward, and I’d worn my new Jordan Peterson shirt just for the occasion. I also got to meet the “Beard Vet,” who seemed to have a following all his own among the crowd, and his own line of coffee.

In all, it was a very enthusiastic and engaged group. I was especially happy to hear Scott’s focus on pushing the “soft” D’s and R’s to the right and get conservatives registered to vote. Republicans should be glad to have someone on their side focused so intently on organizing and winning elections.

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