Brett Lindstrom in Omaha
State Sen. Brett Lindstrom speaks to guests at E'z Place in West Omaha.

Brett Lindstrom in Omaha

Brett Lindstrom

Brett Lindstrom held a meet and greet at E’z Place in West Omaha. Lindstrom is a two-term state legislator from District 18, serving on committees for banking, commerce, and insurance, revenue, and retirement systems, passing about 60 bills during his two terms and is now running for Governor. He laid out a brief set of accomplishments, including the elimination of the tax on social security income and military retirement, which he believes will make Nebraska more “competitive.”

Lindstrom has visited every county and “120 villages towns, and communities” in his campaign thus far, and he has already named a running mate, Dave Rippe. He also pledges to run a positive campaign “you will not see negative stuff some from us,” Lindstrom said. “I don’t think it serves a purpose.” He did suggest a main difference between him and his competitors was experience. Other candidates on the Republican ticket — Herbster, Pillen, Connely and Ridenour — have not yet held elected office, and Thibodeau briefly held a Legislative seat only after being appointed by Gov. Ricketts to fill a vacancy.

According to a recent poll, Lindstrom is currently one of three candidates, the others being Herbster and Pillen, polling above 20%. Other polls show these candidates are within striking distance of each other, with around a 5-10 percent divide.

The primary election in Nebraska is on May 10.