K-Von comes to Campus
K-Von during his comedy act at an event with Turning Point USA on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus.

K-Von comes to Campus

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln chapter of Turning Point USA hosted a comedy night at the Student Center on Friday, March 31, with a comedian named K-Von, who tours college campuses with Turning Point USA.

K-Von told a variety of jokes, poking fun at his own Persian heritage. “You don’t seem Persian,” K-Von said he’d told. “that’s because I use cologne responsibly.” He also made fun of the Lincoln airport. “You guys call that an airport? It’s like a post office with Subway sandwich shop,” he said. “You got one airline. If I missed that flight, it was over, there would be no show. It would be on Zoom right now.”

Covid-19 was also a topic of his act. “The Karen, a woman who complains and polices the area for everyone else, she came right up to me. ‘Sir, where’s your mask?’ I was jogging on the beach. It was ocean and sand. She got in my face, ‘You need a mask, you’re killing my grandma.’ Here I thought I was jogging, not multitasking.”

Only around 30 other people showed up for the event, and K-Von made a point of having the audience cheer when additional members walked in. One of whom was a photographer for student affairs, and the comedian struck a variety of comic poses for him during his act.

K-Von spoke briefly about the possibility of having protestors interrupt the event, which has happened at previous Turning Point events. “Right now people might burst in and try to cancel the show, ” K-Von said. “You might have to do karate, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo. Any Asians here?”

One recent TPUSA event at San Francisco State was disrupted on April 6. Riley Gaines, an athlete who came to speak on women’s rights in sports, was assaulted by trans rights protestors and held hostage as protestors refused to let her leave safely. One other incident happened on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus in 2017, when TPUSA volunteer Kaitlyn Mullen was harassed at her table outside the student union five women, including some professors and a graduate student.

Guests stayed afterward chatting with a few of the TPUSA members, talking about the nonaggression principle and man in the state of nature. You can follow K-Von and TPUSA UN-L on Twitter.

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